A world without a religion

Twitter My friend asked me about the " Illuminati" yesterday; I wasn't quite sure what it was, but he said it was basically a group of people who want to completely annihilate religion because they feel that's the major source of the worlds problems. I thought it was a funny idea He asked " Do you think the world would be better without religion?

A world without a religion

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Another example is the Christian Bale film Equilibrium, which involved banning human emotion and any items that would stir human emotion.

In Equilibrium, feeling emotions and possessing unauthorized items were capital offenses punishable by death. In my superhuman series, I am considering raising the stakes by creating a world where religion was banned. Religion would still be used for creative and educational purposes, but actually believing and worshipping it would be capital offenses.

A world without a religion

This would be fitting since this world will be run by a totalitarian regime. I got the idea from things I heard on the recent news of people being persecuted for their beliefs and I wondered what would happen if that persecution persisted in the distant future.

I can imagine it being a dark and cynical time ruled by dark and cynical people, which in my opinion would make a great dystopian landscape.

One of my main characters and their family will secretly religious until their secret is leaked to the government and all hell breaks loose.

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Tell me what you think of this scenario.Nevertheless, when scholars have pondered whether the world would be better off without religion, the lion’s share have almost always referred, either implicitly or explicitly, to a world that is more humane—one in which people treat each other kindly.

A World Without Religion is a World Without a Future Science does a fine job of describing and manipulating the workings of the material world. Religion — as a category. a“ A world without religion is a world full of peace and harmony” Some people believe that a world without religion would lead to world peace and harmony in the entire world.

In their opinion all the wars have the same reason: differences in religious beliefs.

A world without a religion

On Tuesday night, I attended a debate at NYU's Skirball Center that was part of the Intelligence Squared debate series, "Resolved: The World Would Be Better Off Without Religion".Supporting the.

F or centuries, the Christian church wrote the script for how westerners deal with death. There was the deathbed confession, the last rites, the pallbearers, the obligatory altar call, the burial. D’Souza argued that a world without religion would in fact be a "meaner, harsher, grimmer world".

A world without religion Essays: Over , A world without religion Essays, A world without religion Term Papers, A world without religion Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Aug 27,  · Without people have a book of prescribed attitudes and views to hold (and so many found in religion are negative and dangerous), the world would be better. URAVIP2ME said: ↑ Since most people do Not live by the 'Golden Rule'. Imagine a world without religion. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? No religious bigotry, no “righteous” judgement, no cruelty “in the name of God,” no holy wars, no honor killings, and no shame in just being yourself. Truly, the world would be a better place without religion, wouldn’t it? Well, let’s try it out.

"Religion for all its flaws gives us a kinder and gentler world and that’s why it’s better to have a world with religion in it," he said.

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