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Consumer behaviour revlon

Beauty and personal care experiences a rare year of growth Growth in beauty and personal care in was stimulated by increased consumer confidence and a continuous upturn of economic indicators in Slovenia. The most significant factor influencing growth was increasing disposable incomes due to falling unemployment.

Consumers demand natural products focusing on health Following the growing health and wellness trend and increasingly eco-conscious behaviour amidst the consumer base, brands responded with more natural and organic products and met the demand for transparency. There is greater emphasis on what ingredients are in products, how they are sourced, and how this impacts the environment.

Shifting consumer demand leads brands to scramble to retain their positions With changing consumer habits and perceptions of beauty and personal care products, brand loyalty is at an all-time low, with the competition intensifying further.

Amidst an influx of new products and the changing landscape of retailing, brands are taking measures to secure their market shares by visibly increasing their marketing activities, both online and offline, as well as strengthening key sales channel partnerships in order to establish better conditions and shelf positioning.

New product launches and innovations in line with major trends in Slovenia As a result of the latest trends influencing Slovenian consumers of beauty and personal care products at a rapid pace, manufacturers have been forced to respond accordingly with new product developments to address the new demands and meet consumer expectations.

These demands include more natural ingredients, which stems from the health and wellness and ecologically sustainable trends.

Signs of growing consumer confidence set to boost sales over the forecast period Following the overall decline in sales in beauty and personal care during the review period as a result of the economic downturn, the projected economic growth factors indicate a positive outlook for the market in Slovenia over the forecast period.

Slovenian consumers are expected to gradually return to their previous levels of spending as the unemployment rate plummets and disposable incomes and consumer confidence rise.

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Consumer behaviour revlon

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