Helping struggling students write autobiography

Smile is a graphic novel geared for young people in grades 3 to 7.

Helping struggling students write autobiography

In addition, Appendix Two of the book not available online provides a lesson modification worksheet. Lesson Planning Strategies Identify key concepts necessary for understanding the lesson When choosing your key concepts, keep in mind the following: Background knowledge ELLs with limited or interrupted schooling may not have that same level of knowledge as their peers, especially when it comes to historical or cultural topics.


When starting a new lesson, look for references or concepts that may need to be explicitly explained. Language proficiency Students may already possess content knowledge that they cannot yet demonstrate in English. Look for opportunities to make associations between students' experiences and new content.

Perspective Students may have a different perspective on the content than their peers. These differences provide an important opportunity for class discussion and learning as long as they are handled in a sensitive and respectful ways.

In addition, plan to find out what students know about the topic you are teaching before getting started. This will help you fill in gaps and build on prior knowledge. A great tool for this activity is a Circle Maphelping struggling students write autobiography which you place the main topic in a small circle and add student ideas in a bigger circle around the topic.

You may wish to allow ELLs to use their native language with peers for a quick brainstorm before presenting their ideas to the whole class. Identify content and language objectives These objectives are a great way to focus on the most important information and language structures you want your students to master.

Content objectives focus on the material while language objectives focus on vocabulary or language structures that students should be able to use throughout the lesson Haynes and Zacarian, Think about how you are going to: Choose the vocabulary that your students need to know in order to support their reading development and content-area learning, in addition to key content vocabulary.

It may be helpful to look at other social studies vocabulary lists as well. Clarify potential areas of confusion, such as homonyms or words with more than one meaning. Include signal and directional words Remember that students may also need explicit instruction in signal or directional words "because" and "explain"especially those words that are likely to appear frequently in the content materials or activities.

helping struggling students write autobiography

Don't overlook the basic words There may be many words used through a lesson that native English-speaking students will understand but that ELLs don't know.

Keep an eye out for these words, no matter how basic, and make a list of words that your students have questions about so that you can refer back to it when teaching the lesson in the future. Use visuals and manipulatives when possible Having a visual reference for new words is particularly helpful for ELLs.

Keep words visible and accessible to students Post words on a word wall, or try using a "portable word wall" chart that students can put in their binder. The chart might include categories such as new words, old words, people, everyday words, words to review, etc.

Haynes and Zacarian, Remember to include lots of student practice For students to really know a word, they must use it — or they will lose it.


Use new words in class discussions or outside of class in other contexts if appropriate, such as on field trips. Give the students as many opportunities to use and master the new vocabulary as possible.

You may find this six-step process for teaching academic vocabulary from Dr. Prepare to preview the text One strategy is a "chapter walk"where students predict what the chapter will be about based on pictures and highlighted features of the textbook.

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An activity like this may take some time at first because it's time-consuming to teach. If you use it with regularity, however, it will become easier and quicker, and students will be able to do this on their own at the beginning of a new chapter. At the beginning of the school year, teach your students how to navigate a textbook effectively so that students can pick out and use textbook tools throughout the year.

This graphic organizer helps students pick out important terms and pieces of information before reading. I recommend practicing this strategy with some simple readings about familiar topics before jumping in with the textbook.

The students will understand the strategy better if they start out with concepts that they understand. Prepare multimedia, visuals, and related readings These resources can be used to build background knowledge and provide context for ELLs, especially when students are learning new concepts and words.

Using photos from books, magazines, or the Internet to supplement textbooks. Showing brief, focused video clips of history or social studies programs.

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Listening to a short podcast or radio clip of an interview or speech. Discussing additional readings such as related articles, poems, letters, and graphic novels.10 Teaching Strategies to Keep Struggling Students Working. By: Janelle Cox.

Janelle Cox. We have all had to struggle at one point in our lives or another. And as human beings, we understand that sometimes life can get hard and that we have to push ourselves in order to get through it.

Write Down All Directions. Struggling students .

helping struggling students write autobiography

The district wants to use some of that money to improve its struggling middle schools. At DelSesto Middle School, 6th grade teacher Cassandra Charles and the students in her English class are. This lesson is specifically designed to assist students to compose paragraphs that flow well and transition smoothly from point to point.

In prior grades, students have been taught how to use transitions at the beginning of paragraphs. Students gain motivation to write through daily monitoring and charting of their own and classwide rates of writing fluency. At least several times per week, assign your students timed periods of ‘freewriting’ when they write in their personal journals.

Renée Phillips is a mentor and advocate for artists helping them achieve their fullest potential.

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She provides career advice, coaching, writing services, promotion and e . HOW TO WRITE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY ESSAY? University students confront a number of problems after they review in school or university or college. While pu pils can seldom produce an essay on a common subject matter during an scholastic season, the majority of them realize its even tougher to complete an autobiographical essay as a part of their application.

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