How to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008 runtime

The default behavior is to create a single summarized journal entry. By default, this report prints in summary. To force this report to print in detail, there are two modified reports that are available at the Great Plains Reports Library located at: After that is completed, you must also grant access to the modified report.

How to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008 runtime

For the purposes of this paper we will divide these into two categories: This section provides overviews of messaging server configuration, dispatcher parameters, and handler parameters. Understanding Messaging Server Configuration Once you create dedicated messaging servers, you must configure their dispatcher and handler processes so they boot when you start the application server.

Before you attempt to configure additional messaging server processes, you should be familiar with the other server processes that run on the application server. As stated earlier, two types of server processes comprise each messaging server: Each process type requires you to set a different set of parameters.

Understanding Dispatcher Parameters There are three generic process types that are the basis for all dispatcher processes: The following parameters apply to all three process types. Recycle Count Specifies the number of times each dispatcher process will be executed before being terminated intentionally by the system and then immediately restarted.

Servers must be intermittently recycled to clear buffer areas. The time required to recycle a server is negligible—occurring in milliseconds. Instead the value is stored in memory and is managed by the system. Allowed Consec Service Failures This option allows for dynamic server process restarts in the event of service failures.

To enable this option, enter a number greater than zero, and to disable this option enter 0. The default value for this parameter is 2.

The value you enter is the number of consecutive service failures that will cause a recycle of the server process. This is a catchall error handling routine that allows a dispatcher to terminate itself if it receives multiple, consecutive, fatal error messages from service routines.

Such errors should not occur consecutively, but if they do it indicates that the server process needs to be recycled or cleansed.

Handler Status Checkcount Handler check count is used to determine how often the dispatcher should look to get the number of associated handlers. The value of Handler Status Checkcount is the number of cycles that the dispatcher will perform before reading the MIB and getting the number of associated handlers.

This comes into play when the number of handlers change add more, some crash etc. Also if there are no handlers, then the dispatcher will not queue up any publications causing the application server log to fill up.

This is to eliminate any the informational messages in the appserv. Scan Interval Specifies the number of seconds between scans of the work queue when idle. A scan interval is required to make sure that two-tier messages get processed in a timely manner.

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The scan interval is analogous to the Process Scheduler polling the Process Request table. In addition, the scan interval detects messages that have been resubmitted after an error, for example. The scan rate and Ping rate as percentage will determine the actual interval for pinging any unavailable remote nodes algorithm used: Maximum Ping Interval The maximum Ping Interval in Hours is the maximum interval between subsequent attempted pings of any unavailable remote nodes.

Memory Queue Refresh Rate PeopleSoft Integration Broker maintains current asynchronous messaging queues in system memory for quick access.

how to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008 runtime

On rare occasions these cached queues can become corrupted, at which point they must be refreshed from the Integration Broker data tables. The likelihood and frequency of cache corruption depends on a combination of factors specific to your messaging system.

If you need to periodically refresh the in-memory queues, you can use this parameter to tailor the frequency of the refresh to fit your situation.

Each dispatcher on your system has its own queue. For each queue you set the rate equal to the number of dispatch attempts that must occur before the queue is refreshed.

The refresh occurs only when the specified number of dispatch attempts is reached for a given message channel. For example, with a memory queue refresh rate of 8, multiple channels could have up to seven dispatch attempts each without triggering any refresh.

The following settings are also significant: This is the default value.

how to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008 runtime

A setting of 1 triggers a refresh immediately after every dispatch attempt, effectively disabling memory caching.Sep 04,  · My report has a size of 50mm (width) x mm (height) in portrait orientation.

On the paper-roll the label is mm (width) x 51mm (height). So the report has to be printed in landscape mode. Set custom paper size in crystal report on web server in c#. Problem: When developer set custom paper size in crystal report on development machine, it will work.

But when developer deploys project setup on web server, report generated by web system will be in default paper size of printer located on web server. Fortunately, Microsoft has integrated a good report writer into Visual Basic 6, so you no longer need to use Crystal Report.

Steps in building your report in Visual Basic 6 Visual Basic 6 provides you with a data report designer to create your report, it is somewhat similar to data report . Database Repair and Data Migrations for Sage.

E-Tech is the Premier provider of Sage database recovery, file conversion and data migration services in North America. Overview. Gnostice PDFtoolkit is a comprehensive and versatile PDF component suite for Delphi™ and C++Builder®.

PDFtoolkit VCL components come with hundreds of functions and properties that put immense power in the hands of the developer. NOTES:"PUT CRYSTAL REPORT PATH HERE\") The Crystal Reports is in your project location, there you can see give the full path name of report here.

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