The influence of the learning environment in smk essay

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The influence of the learning environment in smk essay

Environment influence on learning How the environment plays a role in learning Learning is a process by which an individual acquires knowledge necessary for survival and coexistence in the world. Learning can therefore assume the form of formal education that is aimed at the acquisition of specialized skills, know-how and abilities such as written language for purposes of deriving an income from their application.

Formal learning is conducted in schools following set standardized guidelines and administered under the guidance of instructors. Informal learning in most instances refers to the process of socialization of an individual.

The two categories of learning do not occur in isolation but occur within a given set of conditions.

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These conditions constitute the environment. The environment is double faced; it constitutes the natural environment made up of nature and man-made physical features. The second arm constitutes the social environment made up of culture, traditions, media influences and people.

The environment influences how humans perceive things and thus exerts its influence on learning Yagelsh, This essay in subsequent paragraphs will discuss the influence of environment on learning.

The first consideration is the impact of a natural environment on learning. An individual who has lived in urban areas is less likely to know how to live in a sustainable way with his environment.

This is because the structured nature of the cities may deny him an opportunity to interact with the environment; as a result, they are likely to be less sensitized on such a matter. In contrast, a dweller in a rural area constantly interacts with nature.

This ensures that they are more sensitized on the benefits of sustainable co-existence. The pool of knowledge is usually drawn from previous generations. An example is the indigenous groups of people such as indigenous Americans and Aborigines in Australia Stewart, The impact of man-made physical structure is exemplified on close examination of modern educational system.

The school system especially boarding schools isolate the individual effectively detaching them form the natural world. The example of Montessori based schools offers more insight to this. The Montessori based schools offer a unique environment as compared to conventional schools.

In this set up, the students are allowed to move freely across specialized areas instead of occupying desks. The set up consist of distinct areas designed according to a subject area.

For instance, there may be a cooking area, library, art or a cooking area. The students are not timed on how long they take learning in any area that he has chosen. In a given day, the student learns from all subject areas. The Montessori system produces different results as the students learning emphasizes on decision-making.

It also trains them on research in set out areas The International Montessori, The instructors and syllabus also exert a large influence in formal learning as the y form part of the infrastructure and therefore the environment.

It is often claimed that low quality instruction and guidance results in poor performance of students.

The influence of the learning environment in smk essay

Poorly motivated teachers with a heavy work burden and little materials face unique challenges. This impacts on the students as the skewed teacher to student ratio is skewed to their disadvantage. The Montessori system in another shift from the norm handles instruction differently The International Montessori, The teachers role is to modulate learning by ensuring that the student learns how ignore distractions and focus on learning.

The students are allowed to mix therefore older children and learn from them Social environment is critical in learning. From an early age, the influences from adults and parents via their actions, conversations.

How Environmental Factors Affects our Learning Process?

During adolescence, the influence of peers becomes more important and this process continues into adulthood.

The culture of an area imparts its influence on learning as it defines the norms and standards in a society Yagelsh, It dictates the way of life and some of the choices including the religious affiliation of an individual.

The media is an important tool that enables these influences. The media exposes us to cultures and knowledge that are distinct from those in our locality.

In some circles media is viewed as being a constraint to learning. The case of the television is the most commonly quoted example.ny company that aspires to succeed in the tougher business environment of the s must rst resolve a basic dilemma: success in the marketplace increasingly depends on learning, yet most people don’t know how to learn.

Environmental Factors of Learning: The influence of environment begins since the time of the conception of the child in the womb of the mother. Foetus in the womb is influenced by mother's mental, physical and emotional conditions. The external environment starts from the time of birth of the child.

A learning environment is the educational setting and how it looks and feels and can be positive or negative. Teachers can impact the learning environment in many ways, including the physical, psychological and instructional setting.

The Influence of the Learning Environment in SMK Essay Sample

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The Influence of the Learning Environment in SMK | Essay Example