The role and influence of female characters in odyssey and iliad

Laius and Jocasta were king and queen of Thebes, a town in Greece. One day, they had a baby boy. An oracle prophesied that the boy would grow up and kill his father and marry his mother. To thwart the prophecy, Laius and Jocasta decided to kill their baby.

The role and influence of female characters in odyssey and iliad

Odysseus is the best mortal example. This is probably why Athena took such a shine to him. In some versions of the myth, Hyacinthus is a Spartan Prince. Many of these transformations are afflicted by the gods. Beast in the Maze: Because Destiny Says So: Even Zeus has no power over the Fates.

Midas is one of the most famous examples of this trope in action. When the god Dionysus owed him a favor, he wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. Within a day he turned nearly everything in his castle unusable, realized he could never eat anything again for the rest of his life, and worst of all, turned his daughter into a pure gold statue when he hugged her.

He ended up begging Dionysus to take back the wish and set everything aright again Eos, goddess of the dawn, wished that her mortal husband Tithonus would live forever. A slightly less straight example comes late in the Trojan War. When asked to judge between three goddesses in a beauty competition, Paris chose Aphrodite because she bribed him with the most beautiful woman in the world.

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In some stories, at least, after ten years of warfare, all the divinely-induced sparks between Paris and Helen have faded, and now they utterly despise each other. Zeus, to seduce Alcmene, made himself into the dead ringer of Amphitrion, her husband.

The Greek Gods tended to take a very dim view of mortals proclaiming themselves to better than them in some way. Pretty much the only thing that will make Hades attack a mortal is trying to cheat death, for the most part.

Also if they try to abduct his wife Persephone. Just ask Theseus and Pirithous. Best Her to Bed Her: Atalanta only agreed to marry whoever could outrun her in a footrace. Nearly everyone has had sex with at least one member of the same sex, and yet are married.


In the case of goddesses and important human females, this was more implied, while in with males it was more obvious. Ganymede which is why Zeus went after him. Hyakinthos known more often as Hyacinthus or just Hyacinth is often described as beautiful.

The gods are quick to take offense and retaliate when they catch anybody doing this. Odysseus would have saved himself several years of hardships had he not bragged to Poseidon to the point of refusing him a sacrifice, or mocking his son Polyphemus after blinding him.

Queen Niobe brags in public that she has more children than "poor" Leto the mother of Apollo and Artemis! This myth is referenced in Cryptonomiconwhere the teller of the tale points out that Athena plays fair during the challenge and admits Arachne is as good as she thinks she is.

Another version has Athena get angry when Arachne matches her, and blowing her off so rudely that Arachne tried hanging herself.

The reason Perseus had to save Andromeda from the sea monster was because her mother, Cassiopeia, claimed Andromeda was more beautiful than the Nereids, daughters of the Sea God Nereus who had good relationship with Poseidon.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Odyssey at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

The Shahnameh provides a poetic account of the prehistory and history of Iran, beginning with the creation of the world and the introduction of the arts of civilization (fire, cooking, metallurgy, law), and ending with the Islamic Conquest of work is not precisely chronological, but there is a general movement through time.

The role and influence of female characters in odyssey and iliad

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Free Helen Keller papers, essays, and research papers. The role of women in the Odyssey is to demonstrate the many and varied roles that women play in the lives of men. These roles vary from goddess caretaker to monster.

The Role of Women in The Iliad and the Odyssey - The Role of Women in the Art of Ancient Greece

Women in the Iliad demonstrate the importance of women in the lives of the ancient Greeks because they are so prominent in a story so dominated with military affairs.

Women in The Iliad and The Odyssey. Natasha Cribbs. Dr. Sunni Thibodeau. World Literature to 15 February Women in The Iliad and The Odyssey. The Iliad and The Odyssey are both very popular epics.

Each has been made into other media like movies or plays. The males are obviously very popular, powerful, and strong characters in the stories.

Father and Son Relationships in The Odyssey by Homer