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Akihabara morphing into a Sextoys 'R' Us Sep. But increasingly, reports Sapio Sept 29such outlets have been springing up in a two-block area on the west side of Chuo Dori, the main thoroughfare bisecting Akihabara, thereby turning what used to be an district for retailers of transformers, soldering irons and variable capacitors into a colorful bazaar of merchandise catering to carnality. Just beside the JR Sobu Line's elevated tracks and fronting Chuo Dori avenue, the shop consists of a basement -- or perhaps should we call it a dungeon -- stocked with SM paraphernalia, and four floors above ground, all selling sex- and fetish-related goods.

Toy r us japan a

Born in Germany, Merz grew up in Brantford, Canada. She was assigned to her current position in November How did the March 11 disaster affect business? There was a slowdown but we recovered very quickly.

Sixty stores were damaged and 30 closed but we got them up and running very quickly. By the end of April, all except one was opened but we had planned on relocating that one anyway.

We donated urgently needed baby products, including tens of thousands of diapers as well as blankets, pajamas, washcloths, towels, hats, legwarmers and more through Save the Children Japan. In addition, monetary donations from customers through in-store collection boxes totaled approximately 6.

Employees around the world donated over 20 million yen to assist employees in Japan who were affected by the disaster people in total. The donations were provided through the Geoffrey Fund and through individual donations by employees in the UK, Canada and Japan.

Having been in Japan for 20 years, we have a very strong brand awareness. I think we are known for our great selection, and as being experts with child and baby goods. What is the strategy behind the integrated stores?

The idea is you connect with customers at an early stage and they grow with you. If you give them good customer service, they will come back. We feel that is really the format for the future.

So we are converting a few more stores into side-by-side stores this year and the ones we have converted have done very well.

What do you look for in deciding on a location for a new store? We take a look at the demographics, whether the site is in a mall, what in the area might attract people to come. Our minimum area is around 25, square feet.

Does the Japanese market have any unique characteristics? Consumers everywhere have the same concerns. They want value for money and want to make their children happy.

One example are Licca-chan dress-up dolls which have been very popular for many years due to TV advertising. Also, product launches here are probably more significant than they are in other countries.

Shelf life can be short, too. How do you market the company? Rather, we have strengthened our loyalty program and communicate with those customers by email, offering specials for them. We will be increasing our presence on social media in future.

Can we shop online? It is an increasing part of the business. Is the business seasonal in Japan? Christmas is big here. I was quite surprised at that. We do sell Halloween merchandise, though it is not as big as in the States.

Golden Week is another key time for us. How often do you visit stores? I try to visit stores once a week. They are the front line and that is where we get valuable feedback from customers. If the store is in a mall, I wander around to look at other retailers. That gives me a good indication of how consumers are spending their disposable income.

What is your management style? I really believe in having a strong team because that makes for a sustainable business.Toys R Us has detailed plans to unify its Toys R Us, Japan business with its Toys R Us business in Greater China and Southeast Asia.

The joint venture between the retailer and Fung Retailing. 1. With Japan having the 2nd most volume of toy sales in the world, yes, Japan is a good market.

Toy r us japan a

Will there be significant challenges that include a deep rooted cultural belief system? Rare Color Gameboy Japan Toy Clear Yellow Us Limited R Blue Yellow Gameboy Limited Us Toy Blue R Color Rare Japan Clear Gameboy Color Toy. Nintendo Gameboy Light Clear Yellow And Dq Gamesoft And Gbmemory Set Very Rare Nintendo Gameboy - $ Toys "R" Us' most potent competitor is Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), and Amazon is the company to beat in toy selection.

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I looked at Amazon's best-selling thirty toys at three time points and checked. And especially, as the market in Japan is expected to be the second largest in the world, Toys “R” Us’ plan for the Japanese market is to open stores in Japan only.

This will make the number of stores grow up to about globally. March 23, AEON, Apita, Gallery, Regular, Tomica, Tomica Shop, Toys R Us Japan Many exclusive models this month, but let’s start with the regular Tomica: The new #77 is the Hino Profia truck from Nippon Express, the famous logistics company whose trucks .

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