Why cant i write a review on yelp app icon

Although most found Squarespace relatively straightforward, it did prove a little trickier to use than other website builders like Wix and GoDaddy. The aesthetics of the Squarespace templates are by far the most visually appealing.

Why cant i write a review on yelp app icon

I had posted a concern about public health and asked what had the facilities done to rid the aqua recreational areas of this disease and further questioned if the facilities had been cleared of this highly contagious disease. I felt since Golds Gym members are free to utilize any facility they choose that cross contamination was a considerable risk.

Brown not only did not address my concerns nor answer my questions, he blocked me from the conversation thread. I am writing to you to report my experience with one of your representatives because this person CLEARLY has no clue of customer service nor risk management.

Golds gym is currently facing potential litigation from the customers who fell ill due to Golds Gyms failure to provide hygienic environments resulting in their exposure to a potentially life threatening disease.

I thought you might like to be aware. Larry Guerin August 25, at 3: I am having upcoming knee surgery and had signed up for a 3 month training program.

I asked the person, Jill, who was in charge of membership, to cancel my training sessions and knew I had to do it within the 30 day period, which I did, according to her.

I did that yet they went ahead and continued my 3 month training, even though I have a cancellation copy right in front of me. My trainer quit unexpectedly then they just gave me another trainer, never asked if this was the person I wanted.

The trainer I got is really a nice kid, fairly new to training, but I never was given the opportunity to choose. I liked the facility but now I am really considering just quitting all together. Amalitsa Anastasiou August 24, at 8: And he informed me that he would help me and put my gym membership on hold until I could walk again.

Well it turns out Austin right never did what he said and then he either got fired or quit Golds gym. I got nothing but a bunch of bullXXXXX all of them told me to fax and email them all my disability papers proving that I was disabled and if they would be glad to reinstate my gym membership for two years.

I emailed and faxed all of them my disability paperwork and none of them helped me. Who told me I need to go back to my orthopedic doctor and get a note stating that in to I was not able to walk that I was in a wheelchair and not able to attend the gym membership. Now Cesar Martinez has told me he has reinstated my gym membership to match my previous gym membership but he only reinstated it for one year.

My complaints have been unresolved in a timely manner for at least 3 years! I have complained to the staff and the manager, Katie and it seems as though their hands are tied in getting the gym cleaned and keeping it in decent order.

Not because it is all new and shiny. But because they are consistently cleaner -bottom line!

why cant i write a review on yelp app icon

The soap dispensers are filled, very little trash on the floor or grossness left from previous bathers. Staff does not walk over a piece of trash on the floor and can seen picking it up or straightening up the equipment floors!

The automatic soap dispenser where the toilets are has been broken or not filled for weeks! Weekend before last I purchased bottles of antibacterial soap and place them in the bathroom. I thought that management would get the hint!

The soap bottles were emptied and thrown out later in the week and still, no soap for us to use in the toileting area at all this week -again!!

Disgustingly unsanitary and inconvenient that we have to go into the dressing area to use the soap there to wash our hands. Toilet paper runs out 4 rolls per dispenser and little scraps of paper all over the floor where women have tried to dispense the very last segment of tissue.

Women come in from the pool and get water all over the place, which makes a horrible mess with wet toilet paper. I workout for at least 2 hours times a week. I see staff go in and out of the bathroom stalls all the time. On several occasions through the years when out of paper towels and soap I was told that the delivery had not come in yet!

Go to the Dollar Store or WalMart -they are right next door!!! Once I was told that the reason the place was so dirty and bathrooms nasty was because they were having difficulty with the cleaning crews.

Mold and mildew in the tile grout! It sure does not seem like it. When the floors get nasty or if someone spills something could a staff member not take a little pride in their workplace to clean it up? This is a huge area of concern, because the bottles are not always filled and paper towels dispensers empty.Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two.

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Obviously with the way Square has been growing, there have been some changes.

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The most notable is that Square is moving into the realm of advanced iPad-based POS systems (costing $60/month to start). And if you choose to use one of Square’s advanced POS systems, you’ll end up paying % + $ or % + $ per transaction instead of %.

Customize your ad settings. Facebook is now a pervasive marketing and advertising tool, and all sorts of businesses want access to your preferences so they can better target you.

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We’re out of suggestions for you right now. Keep on using Yelp and we’ll have some more for you soon. Jan 19,  · Every action you try to take on Yelp (messaging, creating a review, etc.) has an "out" feature, in case you intentionally do NOT want to send the message (before actually sending/publishing the message.

To cancel sending a review/message, click the hyperlink (non-button) called "Cancel" near the "Send"/"Publish"/etc. button%(19). At the top of your Opera window, near the web address, you should see a gray location ashio-midori.com it.

In the window that pops up, click Clear This Setting; You're good to go! Reload this Yelp .

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