Why is alcoholism a compelling sociological issue

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Why is alcoholism a compelling sociological issue

There are programs and services to help veterans, but these efforts are inadequate to effectively address the crisis. This paper defines homelessness, examines conditions of homelessness among veterans, identifies current programs that address the problem, presents arguments in favor of the status quo, presents arguments against the status quo, and then concludes with a moral position.

Such a former soldier is a homeless veteran. Homeless veterans live on the streets, in abandoned buildings, vehicles, encampments, shelters, or transitional housing.

Why is alcoholism a compelling sociological issue

They do not have a permanent residence under their control. It includes those who fit what Martha Burt, et al. According to Donna Washington, et al. Homelessness among veterans who recently returned home from war zones is quite high. The numbers are getting higher as more veterans return home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

For example, according to Edward Carrillo, et al. Other researchers corroborated Why is alcoholism a compelling sociological issue enormity of homelessness among veterans. For example, Jennifer Roberts [6] postulated that, according to the National Council for Homeless Veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs estimated thatveterans were homeless on any given night in Homelessness among veterans is self-inflicted.

That is not true. The report, according to the authors, corroborates many empirical studies by other researchers. This is why it would be impossible to eliminate homelessness among veterans, and why it is futile for the government to continue to spend more on the problem.

Besides, alcoholism and drug abuse are habits of choice; so, if that is what some veterans choose to do to remain homeless then, by all means, let them be. The government already spends enough to combat homelessness, and no more spending is necessary due to the enormity of our national debt and current economic crises.

For example, Burt, et al. All that the homeless veteran has to do is to apply for them.

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The government already provides enough programs and services for veterans, and they are focused on prevention, reduction, and eventual alleviation of homelessness among veterans.

Below are just a few of the numerous existing programs for homeless veterans: Free health care services for all veterans for 5 years from the date of discharge. Temporary and Permanent Housing include: In addition to all the programs and services enumerated above, veterans enjoy many more programs and services provided to them by the American society including: So, the government should do no more.

Is It Government Betrayal? Proponents against government intervention argue that veteran homelessness is self-inflicted, and that there is a plethora of programs and services available to all veterans. But that is not the issue here.

The issue is whether United States has taken good care of all the veterans who selflessly sacrificed themselves for the country.

And the answer is no. If the government has taken good care of the veterans, there would be no homeless veterans today. They were not homeless before they joined the military; and they should not be left homeless now, after their service to the country. According to Carrillo, et al.

Although overrepresented in the general population, the proportion of homeless veteran families receiving sheltered services [23] in was much lower than the proportion of non-veteran families receiving sheltered services.

This is not only appalling, it is also disgraceful. The practice is not only gross injustice; it is also betrayal by the government.

Military service in war zones is different than going to work in your office at the Pentagon. Research findings suggest that these problems are the consequences of their military service to the United States. Therefore, abandoning these selfless soldiers, after returning home, is a travesty of justice and a betrayal.

Thus, since the United States government sent these wounded veterans to war, it is under obligation to provide adequate services for them when they return home. Due to their pathologies, medical disabilities, and transportation problems, some veterans are so medically and psychological maladjusted that they are not able to access the treatments and help they need.

For example, according to Carrillo et al. He was found in the streets under a bush and smelled of urine and was covered from head to toe with lice and various other mites.So with the hate speech issue – say someone’s a Holocaust denier, because that’s the standard routine – we want those people out there in the public so you can tell them why they’re historically ignorant, and why their views are unfounded and dangerous.

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The issue raised in #6 is your assertion that Woodall has a history of alcoholism that extends all the way back to the time she served on the SJPD. You offer no evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, to support a claim of alcohol abuse dating back to an earlier time.

The problem of alcoholism is viewed as a major social problem, one that has an impact not only on the individual and not only on his or her family but on society as a whole. a viable alternative perspective that is based on a different etiology and a different methodology for addressing the issue is the sociological perspective.

Theorists. The Sociological Theories Of Crime.

Familial, Social, and Individual Factors Contributing to Risk for Adolescent Substance Use

The complexities of life such as the need to achieve, to be successful and attain economic wealth are compelling. These complexities and the obstacles presented will force individuals to deviate if path to success are not easily accessible. With this in mind, alcoholism is another issue that can be.

Apr 01,  · Best Answer: it helps people to avoid taking responsibility for themselves, it gives them an excuse to be emotionally weak, and it is, just like tobacco, caused by capitalistic and power-hungry businessmen.

and obviously, you cannot grow a healthy society with irresponsible, emotionally weak and greedy ashio-midori.com: Resolved.

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